One year ago : Andy Irons

Exactly one year ago, the three-time world  surf champion Andy Irons was found dead in his hotel room of Dallas, he was 32 years old and died from a heart attack. According to the autopsy report and to an article of the New York Times, his death was the result of a mortal mix : drugs (which he had been addicted to for years) and a heart weakness.

He was a very talented surfer and has been the only one able to defeat Kelly Slater (currently on his way toward an 11th world title at the age of 39) 2 years in a row. The news of his death has been a shock for the world of surfing (professionnals, juries, brands, …) and paddle-outs were scheduled everywhere last year, no doubt it will be the same this year. Personally, I engraved his initials on my surf board, Kelly Slater did it too !

Here, a video of the 2010 official paddle-out by the Dream Tour members and a great picture of Andy Irons. Let’s remember such a gifted man who died too young and left a wife and a child not even born behind him… I added the latest video released by SURFING MAGAZINE.

If you don’t feel like it’s enough and wanna know/watch/see who Andy Irons was, you can check THIS, a lightbox by SURFING MAGAZINE, the lightbox is a digital magazine and this one is made of stunning pictures, it was published last year.

Rest in Peace Andy Irons



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